I Finally Got My New House

Of course it is not a very big place, even smaller than the tiny apartment that I have been living in to save my money. I was living in a little loft above this sweet old lady’s garage. In fact I was doing chores for her to cut down on the rent, even though I sort of felt bad about it since she was on a fixed income. In fact I have been going over and mowing her yard still. I have been looking at websites like cuppabean today, thinking about how I want to fix this place up and make it nicer. I really want an expresso machine ( or is it espresso, I do not know honestly). A friend of mine has one and I really love it. Of course the truth is that I am going to actually have a lot of excess money in time. This place is tiny and it was not that big of a deal to save up the money for the down payment. Now I no longer need to save the money for it though.

This place is not much bigger than some living rooms that I have seen. There is a loft I guess, it’s almost big enough for a pool table if I could figure out how to get one up there. Of course the room has the roof of the house sloping down on each side and so there is only room to stand in the middle. If you put a pool table up there then walking around the table would put a tall man’s head very close to danger. I have been thinking that a foosball table would be a better fit and I think that I could actually get one up the stairs if I had a couple of strong guys to help me.

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