How Does Smoking Cigarettes Reduce Stress?


says that cigarettes help to reduce stress and help people to relax, a smoker actually produces regularly when asked why they can’t stop smoking. “I can not go out I am too stressed.” Is that a common phrase uttered by many smokers every day. And when in a difficult, problematic, critical and anxious situation more than likely one smoker who ‘need’ a cigarette to calm their nerves.

and smokers also several other benefits of smoking, including increasing the concentration, energy added ‘boost’ mental ‘strength’ to cope with difficult situations, curing boredom and relaxation.

these aspects can be summarized in two main beneficial areas of smoking. First, smoking is soothing, relaxing, and second, helping smokers to concentrate and think clearly.

so on the side calm and relaxing – cigarettes life stress (relaxation) and helping revive the tension and stress. The benefits of smoking are smokers help calm and reduce anxiety and stress. To visualize or think to relax what comes to mind? It is usually a fall of the effect of the shoulders, that aaaaaahhhhhhhhh… slip in your armchair and let go the feeling – it’s relaxing.

side force and momentum – smoking is uplifting, helps with concentration, keeps smokers on their toes and gives them mental strength. The other benefit of smoking is that smoking raises a level – their senses are awakened. To visualize or think of concentrate and be raised to what comes to mind? It is usually a head up on our feet, eyes open, chest out, shoulders back and an alertness of mind and effect – gives you that I’m ready, let’s make it and we are going to feel.

so cigarettes can have two effects – sometimes cigarettes can make you feel more relaxed and calmer – a general feeling of tranquility or peace. And cigarettes can make you feel safer, more capable, better equipped to deal with difficult situations and they can give more concentration – a general feeling of energy and power.

but how is it possible that this same product or substance can do both of these things? two different things that are complete opposites?

smokers have said and believe that cigarettes not only help to reduce stress levels, but also help to keep the toes – two completely different effects. Relaxation is a sensation to suppress while concentration is an uplifting feeling.

how can the same substance or product the body sits up and win go and also make relaxed and increase domestic tranquility?

the truth is that cigarettes may not make or help smokers to do both, either – it is impossible. has also been said that cigarettes can cure boredom, will help you to enjoy your coffee and tea and meals and also more sex.

but how can cigarettes do all these things? If nicotine has a stimulating effect, (which releases dopamine, drug pleasure natural of the body in the brain) but the hell make you feel up, down and everything else?

basically has told us that cigarettes can do almost what you want depending on the circumstances surrounding you while you smoke. So if you need some mental energy or strength – as a cigarette and if you want to relax and forget their problems then you must have a cigarette too! How can the same cigarette do you feel how want you to feel, depending on your choice?

the truth is that although nicotine release of dopamine in the brain, all substances in a cigarette really put a huge strain on the brain and body make you feel more tense, more anxious, more stressed and more on the edge. It doesn’t matter how much you argue against this is the hard cold truth!

watch the undeniable stressful effects of smoking on you and your body down.

1. When carbon monoxide and nicotine in your body reduces the amount and the supply of oxygen to the brain. without this oxygen (the fuel of brain), your brain struggles to function properly, think clearly and focus.

is a fact that the nicotine and carbon monoxide reduces the levels of oxygen in the body of a smoker and it is also a fact that the body needs oxygen to concentrate, or doctors and scientists denied!

primarily oxygen is the basis of all activity in the body – body any effort is made (from thought to run), it is more difficult with less oxygen. The carbon monoxide and nicotine in cigarettes prevents oxygen the brain and other organs in the body – this can simply help you to relax or concentrate. It’s impossible!

nicotine can give you a little pick me up, but cigarettes and he simply can’t do all the things that millions of smokers, as it has led to believe and keep saying to yourself.

2. nicotine is a vaso-constrictor – reduces your veins and arteries of size, which means that your heart is forced to work harder to pump the same amount of blood around your body, but by a smaller space. Add to that the fact that tar and other chemicals in cigarettes are deposited in the veins, further reducing blood flow.

the result is that your beats 35,000 times by day that a non-smoker and blood pressure also is ten to twenty points higher to the should be, under this added workload.

3. the effect of nicotine on insulin blood puts his body under constant stress. every forty-five minutes or so, when you smoke, nicotine in the body blocks the release of insulin (this is the appetite suppressing effect).

once you passed this nicotine your insulin is re-released and forty-five minutes to an hour or two later you have another cigarette.

this process of stop-start puts a great strain on his body – body of a non-smoker will only reduce the flow of insulin when needed – when he has not eaten in a long time. But smoking your body stop-start this process more twenty times or more per day than a non-smoker. It’s a workload of additional stress in your body.

4. the force of several thousand chemicals, poisons, toxins and carcinogens in a cigarette the body in a State of shock.

when you inhale smoke from a cigarette his body has to adapt to the presence of noxious chemicals. Each of which are deposited in the lungs, heart, arteries, veins and other organs in your body, then when you stop smoking for a few hours (e.g., at night) your body makes effort to eliminate foreign substances.

you will also experience this process through ‘ smoker’s cough’ on the day and also in the morning, when your body has had eight hours or so to start the cleaning process, and coughing a lot of mucus.

both of these attempts at cleaning toxins puts your body through a strenuous process cleaning

regime whenever you stop smoking, all the days of your life smoking. A non-smoker only this experience cleaning process extensively as a smoker when you have a virus or infection or smoke a cigarette.

the truth is that smoking is only a tool of ‘effective’ stress relief because you think cigarettes and nicotine can help you. And that’s the key – you believe.

all goes back to what you think. because you say to yourself that cigarettes calm him, believes. Because you say you same that helps you concentrate, you think (while they are putting a huge strain on your system, your heart beats an extra 35,000 times per day due to the reduction in the size of the vein than his high blood pressure).

so to spite of cigarettes and nicotine have a harmful and weaken the effect on your body, which have always known, I think that make you stronger and more capable of dealing with life. It is an ingenious trick that tobacco companies have played in you!

have shown you in films, on television and in advertisements that help cigarette concentrate, relive stress, overcome problems, enjoy more sex and do more manly men and women more sexy.

you have to give them credit because it has worked and still working! But once a step back and look at the big picture, you can see that advertising and your beliefs have led to believe you need cigarettes and nicotine, and they bring you many benefits. When in reality is that all in your head!

but simplementity cannot be the placebo effect (a belief that something is going to happen, pretends to) that you have to concentrate and relax can it? The truth is not, but only up to a point.

as if when you smoke you may feel a little relaxed — this is what you inhale when you smoke. Have you noticed any difference in the way in which you breathe when you smoke? Take a minute and put the fingers to her lips and pretend that it is smoking, or better still – lights a cigarette!

have noticed something different in comparison with their normal breathing patterns? You may have noticed the following two patterns.

first, your inhalation was much stronger when smoked. Try again, inhale as if they were smoking a cigarette. This deeper inhalation sucks much more air to breathe normal because it is sucking air in the lower part of the stomach (diaphragm). With this extra air also comes more oxygen – brain and body fuel, 20% more oxygen in fact that when you breathe normally.

the second thing you may have noticed is the way that you exhale. Exhalation was also much stronger and deeper, to the smoke. Try again, exhale deeply without cigarette smoke, do it several times.

how do you feel? You feel relaxed and calm-not you! exhaling feels good, especially when it is done strongly. have noticed that when you laugh and sigh I exhale and breathe out strongly? Breathing out has a positive and soothing effect on the body. So although the smoke puts a strain on your system, when you breathe out strongly you feel good.

. so basically when you smoke only are practicing deep breathing exercises. The deep breaths provide your body and organs with more oxygen, which helps to relax and release stress to a degree. I say to a degree because that extra oxygen is not sufficient to compensate for the voltage as the chemicals in a cigarette in your body.

so really don’t smoke yes same reduce stress or help focus in any way – it s the way you breathe that it does that you for. have you ever wondered why do say to take deep breaths when you feel a craving or withdrawal symptoms? It is because deep breathing mimics the way in which you breathe when you smoke.

whenever you have a cigarette you put your body under stress. Then your body tries to clean chemicals, which again makes you feel uncomfortable and puts you under stress. And so every day going round and round in circles, it is no wonder that a re so stressed!

then when your body realizes has very little sugar in the blood (without nicotine to block insulin-releasing sugar stores) have pain and desire because your body needs sugar – becomes stressed. Then you have a cigarette to relieve that stress. Then after 45 minutes more or less the process all begins again! It is only in a large circle of destructive and pointless.

say that smoking reduces stress, when in reality – the stress is caused by the last cigarette – when nicotine and chemical substances enter the body put them under enormous pressure. So when nicotine leaves your body becomes in stressed – because there is no nicotine that release sugar into the blood.

tobacco increases the stress and then soothes it (artificially by playing with your levels of blood sugar) when you smoke. So smoking is basically as you hit on the head with a hammer because it feels really good when you stop in!

is one of the main reasons why people say that they can’t or don’t let smoking – feel that they would be giving up a very effective stress management technique. But once you stop smoking for a short period of time, it will be calmer, even under stress, than when you were a smoker.

other myths of smoking is that ‘cure boredom’. This argument is so absurd that it does not deserve much attention. Yes, some people believe that it cures boredom, but also makes him banging his head against a wall and stabbing himself with a fork. That does not mean that it is well good for health, effective, productive or a proper way to deal with the situation.

again if you are dependent on cigarettes to cure boredom, all you do is saying-‘ I’m not good enough to deal with this situation on my own. My cigarettes will take care of it.’

If you smoke out of boredom, you need to pay special attention to the changes of habits so that you have enough new methods to keep you entertained.

smoking as a stress relief mechanism is only an excuse. Many smokers know this but continue to lie to themselves because it prevents them from admitting that you can not quit smoking.

find new ways to cope with stress is essential if you are going to make quitting attempt a success.

my complete step by step guide to quitting explains how to beat the stress of everyday life when you stop smoking and teaches you to break all its associations to smoke, so you can become smoke free in 3-4 weeks.


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