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Getting Rid of Rats Under the House

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I ended up calling max extermination after discovering our house was infested with rats. In actuality it wasn’t inside the actual house, but underneath it. We moved into the home several years ago and didn’t realize there was an extensive crawl space underneath our home. Moreover, there were several entry points utilized by various critters. We knew none of this and it wasn’t apparent immediately. About six months after we moved in, I started hearing noises that I couldn’t identify. My husband couldn’t figure it out, either. We ignored it and moved on with our lives.

The noises persisted, however, and seemed to grow in intensity over the next couple of years. We started chalking it up to a creaky foundation, wind shifting the house, and other apparently harmless causes. It’s not impossible as every home makes its own distinctive noises that almost always turn out to be nothing. Continue reading

Removing More Than Just the Physical Scars

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It is hard having acne. I know this because when I was younger, I had it quite bad. Thankfully, mine did not last that long. I had it for a few months, but then it went away as quickly as it did, mainly because I followed my doctor’s orders and was lucky that it did not reoccur. My son was not as lucky as I was though. He had to endure years of acne. As a result, he had permanent marks on his face. I hoped there would be an acne scar removal treatment because he really did not like how he looked.

I knew he felt self conscious, which is the reason why I wanted him to try a scar removal treatment plan that I had found online. I showed him the website first so he could go there and look at the pictures I had seen there when I first looked. Continue reading