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Dream Interpretation – The Meaning of the Fish in Dreams

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The fish is a sacred dream symbol. It represents divinity and superiority.

However, only the calm fishes have this symbolic meaning, because the violent ones, like sharks, represent the domination of craziness in the human side of the human conscience due to the invasion of the absurd content existent in the wild side of the human brain.

Domestic red fishes and colored fishes that live in the sea or in rivers, as well as all fishes that are grey, represent the calm and the wisdom of God.

But what does it exactly mean to see a calm fish in a dream?

Depending on the dream’s context and on your biography, the calm and silent fish will indicate that you have to behave like a wise fish, so that you’ll keep being near God and never do what is wrong, or that you are already being wise like the fish that never says a word.

The fish’s silence is the silence of God before what is evil: the silence of a superior creature, before of a beast.

On the other hand, if you see in a dream that you managed to catch a big fish, this means that you are going to “fish” someone you desire, a treasure from the bottom of the sea, something really special! This is an excellent dream message, and I really hope that you’ll see many dreams where you are catching fish or watching them calmly and silently swim.

These are very good dream images, and after them you are going to see many other fascinating dream images and messages, because if you have managed to be like God in certain points of your life, this means that you have evolved and you will certainly evolve much more.

The unconscious mind is your protector and this is why all the dream messages have a protective character. After your first occupation with the meaning of your dreams and the transformation of your personality, you’ll see, almost every day, dreams containing future previsions about certain points of your life. The unconscious mind will protect you more, because you’ll understand more.

Then you’ll observe that the unconscious mind sends you symbolic messages also when you are not sleeping and dreaming, but when you are awake, living. Everything that happens to you and to the people that are close to you have a symbolic meaning that gives you information about the reality where you are.

For example, you are in a restaurant and you are irritated with the waiter’s delay. Suddenly, your eyes fall over a ball with red fishes and instead of being nervous with the delay, you become ashamed because you became irritated with such thing. You understand that you simply have to forgive the waiter, and wait with patience, without filling your heart with the poison of revolt.

The fishes in your environment remind you of the superior attitude you should have, eliminating your anger. You’ll be always in contact with the unconscious mind, since you’ll be always translating the symbolic meaning of everything.

The symbolic language is very interesting, because one word has many meanings. You have first of all to learn how it works on dreams.

You’ll see that the meaning of a symbol varies, depending on the dream’s context and on the biography of the dreamer, one of the most important parts for the real comprehension of the meaning of a dream, since the dreams we see when we sleep give us information about our own lives, our psyche, our problems, etc. first of all, and then information about other people and everything else. So, the biography of the dreamer is indispensable if we want to properly translate the meaning of a dream.

In the example of the fish, you have seen that there are three different definitions for its meaning:

– Divinity (Calm fish)

– Domination of Craziness (Shark)

– A Treasure (Catching a fish)

The same way, depending on the dreamer’s biography, we have other definitions that help us understand the real meaning of each part of the dream for the specific case that we are analyzing.

After evolving you’ll understand the meaning of patience, forgiveness, piety and sanctity.

The dream images you’ll see will be completely different from the ones you see in the beginning of your occupation with the meaning of your dreams.

You have to learn the dream language… The fish is only one symbol: only one word of a foreign language for you. You have to learn how to immediately translate the dream symbols like me and my students so that you may understand the messages that the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams is sending you in order to protect you from your wild side.

Learn the dream language with my simplification of the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung at the end of the last century. My method is dynamic, according to the lifestyle of the twentieth century.

I continued his research, discovering many dream symbols and becoming a real psychiatrist myself, while I was only a writer. I had to deeply study the content of the human brain, human behavior, and the effect of the invasion of the wild side in the human side, while curing many people from serious mental illness for 19 years.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a miraculous solution for the desperate population of our absurd modern civilization, where terrorism, violence, hypocrisy and futility govern.

The wise and saintly unconscious mind will give a definitive end to terrorism, immorality and violence on Earth, transforming our crazy world into a beautiful place, where we’ll be able to live peacefully and happily.

The entire human race will learn how to translate their dreams without a doubt now that we have discovered that we have a violent and evil wild side in our own brain that must be transformed into a positive part of our human side, and also, now that we know that we receive precious information and guidance from the wise unconscious mind translating our own dreams.


Making Love With a Virgin

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Are you looking for tips when making love to a virgin girl? If yes, you are at the right place.

Making love with a virgin girl is very different when you make love with a non-virgin. It will be a very emotional process for her and is your responsibility to calm her down so she will have a unforgettable and pleasurable session.

A virgin girl will be extremely passive in bed (unless she is the wild one!). So you must take a lot of initiative in bed and tell her what you want to do with her.

Remember: making love to a virgin girl is a very emotional occasion for her. The memory of having sex for the first time will last forever in her mind. You would NOT want to spoil her first time.

Don’t be a jerk.

Now, let me share with you 5 tips you should know when making love to a virgin girl.

Tip One: Calm her down. She will probably be extremely nervous in bed and you should try your very best to calm her nerves. Spend some time cuddling together and give her a little alcohol to calm her down. Assure her that everything will be fine and you will take care of her.

Tip Two: Be sensitive. Do not go hardcore or explore popular kama sutra positions when you make love to a virgin girl. Go for something simple like the Missionary Position so that you will not freak her out.

Tip Three: Reassure her that you know what you are doing. A virgin girl needs a lot of assurance from their man. It is your responsibility to assure her that you know what you are doing as she is giving her first time to you. She will need a lot of care and concern and demonstrate how much you love her by going the extra mile.

Tip Four: Don’t enter her when she is not wet enough. As this is her first time having sex, her vagina will be very sensitive. If you enter her before she gets wet, she will experience a lot of pain and may bail out. You would not want this to happen, right? So spend some time on foreplay. Turn her on by kissing and licking her erogenous zones such as breasts, neck, spine, inner thighs, earlobes, lips, etc.

Tip Five: Slow down during intercourse. Do not go thrusting like a porn star during intercourse. Be gentle and start off with a very slow pace. During intercourse, cuddle and make her feel loved. Be sensitive and ask her if the pace is right for her. If she does not have any issue about it, gradually increase the pace of your thrusts until she reaches orgasm.

I hope that these 5 tips can make you a better lover with making love with her virgin girl.

Do your best to give her an unforgettable night. Don’t spoil it.

However, in order not to spoil her night, you must be able to last longer during intercourse. You can’t ejaculate before she gets an orgasm.

Are you lasting long enough?

If not, check out the bonus tip below to last longer in bed:


Calming and Soothing An Overstimulated Baby That Just Won’t Stop Crying

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Christmas is a fun time of year, especially with a little baby. But with all of the excitement, and relatives fawning over the baby, it’s easy for babies to become overstimulated. Here are a few easy tips for recognizing when baby is overstimulated and helping them calm down.

You’ve had a fun day visiting with the relatives, and everyone has enjoyed gushing over the new baby. The little one has probably been held by a lot of new people, been surrounded by bright colorful lights and maybe even lots of noise. Now it’s evening, the baby has hardly slept all day, and s/he is crying uncontrollably and can’t seem to be soothed. S/he might even have developed a case of the hiccups.

This kind of overstimulation is generally rare, because most babies will just fall asleep when they start to get too much input. During the holidays though, all of the commotion makes baby much more vulnerable. So what do you do if baby has reached that point and you just can’t get him/her to sleep?

Find a dimly lit, quiet place. Move away from the commotion to a darker room. This takes the baby out of the stimulation and gives the little one’s nervous system a chance to start calming down.

Find a spot in the room with little to look at. If you can find a blank white wall, that is the best.

Position the baby so that s/he is looking at the blank wall. Then, either rock the baby, or sway baby back and forth in your arms in a gentle rocking motion. If you have a way you usually move the baby to sooth him/her use this motion as it is familiar and will be the most soothing.

Make a gentle, rhythmic shhhing noise to the baby. This is especially effective for young babies as it sounds similar to the noises they heard in the womb.

It will take some persistence, but you will gradually start to see baby’s body relax.

If baby is squirmy and this isn’t working, lay him/her down in your arms so that s/he is looking at you and his/her head is next to the inside of your elbow. Swing your upper body (with baby) around gently back and forth (rather like you are doing a twisting exercise). Start fairly quickly, as though you are playing with the baby, and then gradually get slower until the baby nods off. The back and forth motion gives them enough stimulation to help them go from a highly stimulated state to a relaxed calm state.

Once baby has calmed down, make sure s/he is sound asleep before you put him/her down. A good way to check is to make sure that his/her arms are floppy. By this I mean that when you lift baby’s arm the wrist is floppy, the arm is relaxed, and baby doesn’t stir. If you put him/her down to quickly they will pop back up.

Although these methods will take a little time, they will ensure that baby gets to sleep and will give you a chance to get a good night’s sleep, or a nice little break. Baby will feel better after awakening. Over stimulation can become painful for the baby, but with these tools you can soothe baby right down. You’ll look like a baby whisperer!


How to Deal With Anxiety Using Your Vagus Nerve

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How often do you have to deal with anxiety in your everyday life?

If you find yourself worrying too much or getting caught into non-stopping irrational thoughts or even feeling nausea, chest pain and heart palpitations then this article is for you.

You are about to learn a simple yet very effective technique to deal with anxiety naturally by stimulating your vagus nerve. This powerful technique can be used to relieve stress and anxiety anywhere and anytime; at home, when commuting and of course at those horrible work meetings.

Did you know that the FDA approved a surgically implanted device that is successfully treating depression by periodically stimulating the vagus nerve?

But hopefully you won’t need surgery. You can enjoy the benefits of vagus nerve stimulation by adopting some simple breathing techniques.

So what is that vagus nerve?

The vagus nerve is the most important element of the parasympathetic nervous system (the one that calms you down by controlling your relaxation response).

It originates from the brainstem and it is “wandering” all the way down, into the belly, spreading fibers to the tongue, pharynx, vocal chords, lungs, heart, stomach, intestines and glands that produce anti-stress enzymes and hormones (like Acetylcholine, Prolactin, Vasopressin, Oxytocin), influencing digestion, metabolism and of course the relaxation response.

Vagus nerve acts as the mind-body connection, and it is the cabling behind your heart’s emotions and gut instincts. The key to manage your mind state and your anxiety levels lies on being able to activate the calming nervous pathways of your parasympathetic system.

You cannot control this part of the nervous system on demand, but you can indirectly stimulate your vagus nerve by:

  • Immersing your face in cold water (diving reflex)
  • Attempting to exhale against a closed airway (Valsalva maneuver).
  • This can be done by keeping the mouth closed and pinching the nose while trying to breathe out. This greatly increases pressures inside the chest cavity stimulating the vagus nerve and increasing vagal tone
  • Singing
  • And of course, diaphragmatic breathing techniques

Strengthening this living nervous system can pay great dividends, and the best tool to achieve that is by training your breath.

Breathe with your diaphragm

Now it’s time to put this concept into practice. The first thing you need to do is breathe using your diaphragm (abdominal breathing). This is the foundation of proper breathing and anxiety relief.

The diaphragm is your primary breathing muscle. It is belled shaped and when you inhale it patterns out (or should flatten out), acting as piston and creating vacuum on you thoracic cavity, so your lungs can expand and air gets in.

On the other side it creates pressure, pushing the viscera down and out, expanding your belly. That’s why good breathing practice is described as abdominal breathing or belly breathing.

Breathe with the glottis partially closed

Glottis is at the back of your tongue and it is closed when you are holding your breath. Here we want have it partially closed. It is that feeling you have in your throat while you exhale and make a “Hhhhh” sound in order to clean your glasses, but without actually making the sound.

It also resembles the way you breathe when you are in the verge of sleep and you are about to snore a little bit.

By controlling the glottis you are:

  • Controlling the air flow, both during inhale and during exhale
  • Stimulating your vagus nerve.

Try it right now

Now it’s time to put all this theory into action by practicing this 7 – 11 diaphragmatic breathing technique.

  • Inhale diaphragmatically through your nose, with your glottis partially closed, like almost making a “Hhhhh” sound for a count of 7
  • Hold your breath for a moment
  • Exhale through your nose (or you mouth), with your glottis partially closed, like almost making a “Hhhhh” sound for a count of 11

This is one breath cycle; go for 6 – 12 cycles and observe the results.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The more you practice the more effective this technique will be.

Eventually, when your newly acquired breathing skill is established and abdominal breathing becomes a habit, you’ll find your body constantly operating at a much lower stress level.

You will also notice (or sometimes you will not even notice it) how your breath responses to stressful situations; your body will be conditioned to automatically control your breath and by this, your stress and anxiety.


One of the keys to deal with anxiety is to learn how to stimulate your vagus nerve through proper breathing. The vagus nerve acts as the mind-body connection and controls your relaxation response. You can stimulate your vagus nerve by practicing diaphragmatic breathing with the glottis partially closed. Use your dead time to practice this technique consistently, turn it to a habit and you’ll be amazed by the results.


Cats and Fireworks – Tips To Help Keep Your Feline Calm And Safe

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Fireworks and cats… they just don’t mix. At best, you end up with a baffled cat sitting in the windowsill and wondering what is going on. More likely, you’ll have a cat hidden under the bed, unwilling to surface for a good time to come, or a cat manically running around the house looking for shelter far, far away from all this noise.

New Year’s Eve, Bonfire Night, and other occasions where fireworks are used are stressful times for cats. It doesn’t help that there are always people who start lighting fireworks well before the special date set for their use. Not to mention those who just cannot seem to stop and carry on lighting them for a long time afterward.

If your cats have access to outdoors, make sure to keep them inside on special nights when fireworks are expected. It is a worrying thought to have your felines outside on a hill, hiding in the bushes because they are too scared to dash back home. Luring them inside with a treat a good amount of time before the worst is expected to start, and then locking the cat flap, will give you and your cats some peace of mind as to their safety.

If you happen to have a good relation with your neighbours, it doesn’t hurt to have a word with them. If you kindly ask them not to light fireworks when they can see the cats are out and about, I am sure they will be considerate. Especially if you mention that you will have them safely indoors on the actual night. It’s a fair deal, after all, and most people love pets and would not deliberately hurt or frighten them.

On the night itself, you could play some soothing music. Alternatively, you could turn on the television. Background noise can help distract your feline from the big bangs outside.

Close the windows and, if possible, close the curtains. This will help your feline to feel shielded away from what is going on. Talk to them, pet them, try to reassure them that everything is alright.

This doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy yourself. You can light fireworks yourself if you like doing so (and if it is allowed where you live, of course). If you do want to light fireworks, try to keep it brief as you can. And it is preferable to go for the prettier fireworks such as rockets and fountains, rather than those that sound like big explosions.

If you are going away during those times, ask a family member or friend to turn on the lights when it gets dark. Or leave them on yourself, if you are only out for the night. Have the radio on, softly enough to not disturb the neighbours, but loud enough to provide background noise. Make sure the litter tray is clean, and that there’s plenty of food and water available.

If your cat has a certain hiding place, it can be helpful to place the food, water and tray nearby. That enables your feline friend to make a quick dash for them when needed. It can eliminate the risk of any scared soiling of hard to get to places.

The best thing to do, of course, is to keep your cat company during those hours and to provide them with some comfort. Your presence will automatically reassure your feline that everything will be alright. After all, if you’re okay and calm, they will be, too.


Job Interview Anxiety? What You Can Do to Calm Down and Impress Your Interviewers’ Socks Off

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Job interviews are inherently stressful. Your livelihood depends on it, especially if you’re currently “in between jobs.” But you don’t have to be at the mercy of your anxiety and stress hormones. Read on to discover a few powerful techniques that will help you stay cool.

Of course, you’re not the only one who’s nervous about job interviews. Most people are. It’s “normal.” But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. After all, clammy hands and sweat pouring down your forehead are not designed to help you nab the job you want. So while a few butterflies are okay and can even be helpful, a full-blown panic attack is definitely not in order.

Just be sure not to overdo the calming stuff. If you’re so calm and laid back that the interviewer thinks you don’t really care either way, you’ve overdone the stress management. But that’s probably not a big danger as long as you lay off the Valium or other calming prescription medication. You want to be alert and interested, not medicated and zonked out.

So what can you do? Some of the things that help are just common sense. Get enough sleep. Go for a walk. Wear something that makes you feel confident — and comfortable. And do your homework.

The better you’re prepared, the more confident you’ll be, and the more confident you are, the less nervous you’ll be.

But there are a few bonus things you can do:

Deep breathing. Calming aromatherapy. Maybe a small dose of a “calming” herb, such as valerian. Be careful though. Don’t take valerian for the first time ever right before you go to your job interview. Why? Because you want to make sure you know how you react to it. You also want to make sure it doesn’t relax you to the point where you’re no longer safe to drive.

So try it at another time or a few first, just to get familiar with what it does – and doesn’t – do for you. Most people find that it takes away the jitters and makes you feel a lot calmer without having any other effects. And then, there’s an extremely powerful technique you can use that has no side effects at all. And that’s EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s a mind/body technique and works much like acupuncture, but without the needles. Instead, you tap on the meridian points.

And you can learn it quickly and do it anytime and anyplace. So you could tap for a few minutes right before the interview, and let yourself be surprised at how calm and confident you are.


Top 7 Tips to Communicate Calmly

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I have today taken an exciting morning. I was filming an upcoming TV show here in Toronto. The show is called “Save us from our House” and airs on the W network. It is a half-hour where they help a family with two fundamental problems; one is their current living conditions and the other is effective communication. As you would say you to my brother, I can not fix or build things very well (my brother can arrange anything from a toaster to a helicopter…) so you know that I was not there to repair the House. I was there to do what best – help people communicate better.

time was limited. I usually have an opportunity to give new customers an evaluation time and structure a training program where we meet once or twice a week, for a series of six to twelve weeks. Today, however, things were different. It had only twenty minutes to speak to this wonderful family and dish below some tips to help improve communication quick and relevant. Then it was “Action” and the rest of my advice would have to be on the fly, while the family went shopping and while the cameras were rolling. It was a nice experience and I think that even in a short time the family learned a lot, especially because you have the advantage of seeing the show again and again and hear me coaching to improve their 3 Vs of communication.

I do not know yet when this episode will air, as that they are still filming. It may be a while before it reaches the air, so for now I’d like to give the same top 7 tips to communicate calmly given the family. By the way, I’d like to take this moment to say hello to that wonderful family: Wilson, Belisa, Kaitlin and Julian – all did a great job today, and I know that he loves very much. Good luck with your new home, provided that they have completed renewing it. I can’t wait to see it on TV!

well, here are the Top 7 tips to communicate calmly:

1 – look who’s talking. His body and hips square. Make eye contact. It relaxes the muscles of the face and then relax all your muscles. While listen smile (5%).

2 – use of open body language. Leaning on something; do not cross your arms, legs, or ankles (no matter how comfortable is) and try to keep the shoulders relaxed. It not only helps you to relax and relieve stress, but it also encourages other people to adopt the same body language. Do not use fists, fingers interlaced or other gestures of hands of closure. Use open palms. Do not point to others.

3 – breathe. Breathing before, during, and after a heated or difficult discussion. If it is necessary to take a few seconds or a minute before responding to collect his thoughts. Count to ten if necessary.

4 – control of his pace. Is it not a right of the race? Say a few words or a phrase, taking a quick break, then continue with the following sentence or more words. Think about how Barack Obama speaks; quiet, cool and in control. It is strong but not aggressive.

5 – use positive language. Instead of saying the first thing in your head, ask yourself internally if there is a softer, less aggressive way of saying what you mean. Do not attempt to blame or accuse others. Instead of pointing the finger, only they talk about their feelings and expectations first. Questions to clarify or give the person a chance to explain. Stay positive aid to keeps things from getting personal and out of control. It is very difficult to have a healthy conversation or persuade someone to do what you want when they are attacked. Everything you say, regardless of any logic that occurs resist.

6 – not yell. Once. If you feel the need to speak more strong than the other person, it means that you are not listening. Be quiet and listen first before making their points. Use the medium in his speech volume. If someone shouts at no join in the conversation until they calmed down. Cry is not just necessary to convey their points.

7 – do not argue. It is very well say what you want or need or feel, but it is not right to discuss and try a conversation as a competition. The contests are for sports and games with rules. If you think that you must ‘win’ the argument to say that they require the other person to ‘lose’. Do you feel when you lose something? It is not so good right? So that does not make someone feel that way, especially to a friend or family member. Do you really want to feel like a ‘Loser’?

enjoy the tips and will let you know when the episode airs. However, if you feel that you could benefit from effective communication training, especially if you are interested in the construction of communications more secure in his professional life, then see the next communication from Toronto workshop, running on 8 November. We will be in a downtown hotel, have attended the lunch, and everyone will get a training session as well as a discount on any free future workshop or coaching program. It is a good time to invest in your future success.

any questions about the workshop, or anything else, please do not hesitate to ask.

P.S. I think that I should also let you know that I have been more active with my blog lately, and you can find some tips on great communication and resources there. Recently I’ve posted things on a free eBook called Mosaic communications, leadership, entrepreneurship, ESL resources and NLP.


all the best!


Four Things You Can Do When He Doesn’t Call

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all the relationships in this world requires much understanding. In the initial stages of a relationship, the girl and the boy are on the phone; looks like day and night. However, as time goes on, the child begins calling less. This gives the girl a feeling that not wanting and her boyfriend doesn’t care for it already. When you’re in madly in love with someone, it is really frustrating when your boyfriend does not call or return calls. A negative response from your partner can lead to feelings of rejection and disappointment. If he does not call, doing these things few will get what they call you.

be calm – a woman has a habit of to panic when you don’t call her boyfriend. She can make assumptions that he is no longer interested in it and himself has a new girlfriend. There is no need of stubborn. There are dozens of reasons why not called; some of which the most common is his being busy with his work. So calm and stop thinking negatively.

not bombarded you with calls and messages from voice- is a very common observation that men do not call her friends to see their reaction. Many women in this situation, you will lose your cool and start to call their boyfriends, leaving voice messages for him to call as soon as possible back. This makes a man feel that his girlfriend is frantic and needy in their love and their love. She would never leave it enjoy their own space. This will give a negative impression of you and he would try to get out of that relationship.

do not open fully- If your boyfriend comes to know that never left him, whatever happens, he will then try to take advantage and feel that is good that we do not call. He may even try to ignore your calls and you. It is advisable not to show his feelings; If a man realizes that you’re there, no matter how much time pass, he could not call it.

enjoy the time- what can you do when your boyfriend is not stop worrying and waiting. On the other hand, enjoy the time. Go out with friends and not call it. This will cause that they wonder what happened. He will begin to be inquisitive. When he calls, not answers soon… something do you wait. Do you leave messages and when you finally speak, only say that they have been busy.

if not call your boyfriend, these things will make you realize that you have not been in contact and will be without doubt by telephone.


Emotional Stability – How to Keep Calm and Serene

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can you imagine a person without any emotions at all? It is difficult because we are going through the gamut of emotions in a day. These vary from anger, joy, sadness, love, happiness, fear, depression, hope and anxiety. Much or little we can do to control these emotions and if we succeed, then we have emotional stability.

in the workplace can see evidence of emotional stability or the lack of it in the observation of colleagues. More stable colleagues show less anxiety and will be able to deal with stress better and seem to have a shield to do so. At the other end of the scale, more anxious and worried types are being annoying and can not cope with the pressure at all.

do not feel emotionally stable thus plays a key role in personal relationships and the lack of such stability can also be the cause of a break up or divorce. All are looking for stability in one way or another and is when we cannot control our emotions that are unpleasant consequences and relationships damaged at home and in the workplace.

look at a moment in anger, rage, fear, panic, anxiety and hatred. All these negative emotions must be kept under control. The child can they lash out and become violent or simply kick and scream but the adult who does not feel emotionally stable not to allow such luxury!

if we achieve emotional stability means that our emotions are under control, but this does not mean that we do not experience intense pleasure as love, joy, satisfaction and self confidence.

the key then is to have enough positive emotions so that we can keep negative thoughts under control. With depressed patients, negative thoughts and feelings are to get the upper hand and not a good situation to be in.

if we are depressed or they lack the emotional stability that we can feel the need to seek help. There are many types of aid if we do not feel emotionally stable.

that I have tried is a stabilizer herbal depression and mood that has done wonders for me and has kept me quiet, happy and most of the time Serena!. The herbal remedy is much used in Germany to treat cases of mild to moderate depression and is enormously popular. Why not click and learn more about this alternative treatment for depression and anxiety.


How Does Smoking Cigarettes Reduce Stress?

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says that cigarettes help to reduce stress and help people to relax, a smoker actually produces regularly when asked why they can’t stop smoking. “I can not go out I am too stressed.” Is that a common phrase uttered by many smokers every day. And when in a difficult, problematic, critical and anxious situation more than likely one smoker who ‘need’ a cigarette to calm their nerves.

and smokers also several other benefits of smoking, including increasing the concentration, energy added ‘boost’ mental ‘strength’ to cope with difficult situations, curing boredom and relaxation.

these aspects can be summarized in two main beneficial areas of smoking. First, smoking is soothing, relaxing, and second, helping smokers to concentrate and think clearly.

so on the side calm and relaxing – cigarettes life stress (relaxation) and helping revive the tension and stress. The benefits of smoking are smokers help calm and reduce anxiety and stress. To visualize or think to relax what comes to mind? It is usually a fall of the effect of the shoulders, that aaaaaahhhhhhhhh… slip in your armchair and let go the feeling – it’s relaxing.

side force and momentum – smoking is uplifting, helps with concentration, keeps smokers on their toes and gives them mental strength. The other benefit of smoking is that smoking raises a level – their senses are awakened. To visualize or think of concentrate and be raised to what comes to mind? It is usually a head up on our feet, eyes open, chest out, shoulders back and an alertness of mind and effect – gives you that I’m ready, let’s make it and we are going to feel.

so cigarettes can have two effects – sometimes cigarettes can make you feel more relaxed and calmer – a general feeling of tranquility or peace. And cigarettes can make you feel safer, more capable, better equipped to deal with difficult situations and they can give more concentration – a general feeling of energy and power.

but how is it possible that this same product or substance can do both of these things? two different things that are complete opposites?

smokers have said and believe that cigarettes not only help to reduce stress levels, but also help to keep the toes – two completely different effects. Relaxation is a sensation to suppress while concentration is an uplifting feeling.

how can the same substance or product the body sits up and win go and also make relaxed and increase domestic tranquility?

the truth is that cigarettes may not make or help smokers to do both, either – it is impossible. has also been said that cigarettes can cure boredom, will help you to enjoy your coffee and tea and meals and also more sex.

but how can cigarettes do all these things? If nicotine has a stimulating effect, (which releases dopamine, drug pleasure natural of the body in the brain) but the hell make you feel up, down and everything else?

basically has told us that cigarettes can do almost what you want depending on the circumstances surrounding you while you smoke. So if you need some mental energy or strength – as a cigarette and if you want to relax and forget their problems then you must have a cigarette too! How can the same cigarette do you feel how want you to feel, depending on your choice?

the truth is that although nicotine release of dopamine in the brain, all substances in a cigarette really put a huge strain on the brain and body make you feel more tense, more anxious, more stressed and more on the edge. It doesn’t matter how much you argue against this is the hard cold truth!

watch the undeniable stressful effects of smoking on you and your body down.

1. When carbon monoxide and nicotine in your body reduces the amount and the supply of oxygen to the brain. without this oxygen (the fuel of brain), your brain struggles to function properly, think clearly and focus.

is a fact that the nicotine and carbon monoxide reduces the levels of oxygen in the body of a smoker and it is also a fact that the body needs oxygen to concentrate, or doctors and scientists denied!

primarily oxygen is the basis of all activity in the body – body any effort is made (from thought to run), it is more difficult with less oxygen. The carbon monoxide and nicotine in cigarettes prevents oxygen the brain and other organs in the body – this can simply help you to relax or concentrate. It’s impossible!

nicotine can give you a little pick me up, but cigarettes and he simply can’t do all the things that millions of smokers, as it has led to believe and keep saying to yourself.

2. nicotine is a vaso-constrictor – reduces your veins and arteries of size, which means that your heart is forced to work harder to pump the same amount of blood around your body, but by a smaller space. Add to that the fact that tar and other chemicals in cigarettes are deposited in the veins, further reducing blood flow.

the result is that your beats 35,000 times by day that a non-smoker and blood pressure also is ten to twenty points higher to the should be, under this added workload.

3. the effect of nicotine on insulin blood puts his body under constant stress. every forty-five minutes or so, when you smoke, nicotine in the body blocks the release of insulin (this is the appetite suppressing effect).

once you passed this nicotine your insulin is re-released and forty-five minutes to an hour or two later you have another cigarette.

this process of stop-start puts a great strain on his body – body of a non-smoker will only reduce the flow of insulin when needed – when he has not eaten in a long time. But smoking your body stop-start this process more twenty times or more per day than a non-smoker. It’s a workload of additional stress in your body.

4. the force of several thousand chemicals, poisons, toxins and carcinogens in a cigarette the body in a State of shock.

when you inhale smoke from a cigarette his body has to adapt to the presence of noxious chemicals. Each of which are deposited in the lungs, heart, arteries, veins and other organs in your body, then when you stop smoking for a few hours (e.g., at night) your body makes effort to eliminate foreign substances.

you will also experience this process through ‘ smoker’s cough’ on the day and also in the morning, when your body has had eight hours or so to start the cleaning process, and coughing a lot of mucus.

both of these attempts at cleaning toxins puts your body through a strenuous process cleaning

regime whenever you stop smoking, all the days of your life smoking. A non-smoker only this experience cleaning process extensively as a smoker when you have a virus or infection or smoke a cigarette.

the truth is that smoking is only a tool of ‘effective’ stress relief because you think cigarettes and nicotine can help you. And that’s the key – you believe.

all goes back to what you think. because you say to yourself that cigarettes calm him, believes. Because you say you same that helps you concentrate, you think (while they are putting a huge strain on your system, your heart beats an extra 35,000 times per day due to the reduction in the size of the vein than his high blood pressure).

so to spite of cigarettes and nicotine have a harmful and weaken the effect on your body, which have always known, I think that make you stronger and more capable of dealing with life. It is an ingenious trick that tobacco companies have played in you!

have shown you in films, on television and in advertisements that help cigarette concentrate, relive stress, overcome problems, enjoy more sex and do more manly men and women more sexy.

you have to give them credit because it has worked and still working! But once a step back and look at the big picture, you can see that advertising and your beliefs have led to believe you need cigarettes and nicotine, and they bring you many benefits. When in reality is that all in your head!

but simplementity cannot be the placebo effect (a belief that something is going to happen, pretends to) that you have to concentrate and relax can it? The truth is not, but only up to a point.

as if when you smoke you may feel a little relaxed — this is what you inhale when you smoke. Have you noticed any difference in the way in which you breathe when you smoke? Take a minute and put the fingers to her lips and pretend that it is smoking, or better still – lights a cigarette!

have noticed something different in comparison with their normal breathing patterns? You may have noticed the following two patterns.

first, your inhalation was much stronger when smoked. Try again, inhale as if they were smoking a cigarette. This deeper inhalation sucks much more air to breathe normal because it is sucking air in the lower part of the stomach (diaphragm). With this extra air also comes more oxygen – brain and body fuel, 20% more oxygen in fact that when you breathe normally.

the second thing you may have noticed is the way that you exhale. Exhalation was also much stronger and deeper, to the smoke. Try again, exhale deeply without cigarette smoke, do it several times.

how do you feel? You feel relaxed and calm-not you! exhaling feels good, especially when it is done strongly. have noticed that when you laugh and sigh I exhale and breathe out strongly? Breathing out has a positive and soothing effect on the body. So although the smoke puts a strain on your system, when you breathe out strongly you feel good.

. so basically when you smoke only are practicing deep breathing exercises. The deep breaths provide your body and organs with more oxygen, which helps to relax and release stress to a degree. I say to a degree because that extra oxygen is not sufficient to compensate for the voltage as the chemicals in a cigarette in your body.

so really don’t smoke yes same reduce stress or help focus in any way – it s the way you breathe that it does that you for. have you ever wondered why do say to take deep breaths when you feel a craving or withdrawal symptoms? It is because deep breathing mimics the way in which you breathe when you smoke.

whenever you have a cigarette you put your body under stress. Then your body tries to clean chemicals, which again makes you feel uncomfortable and puts you under stress. And so every day going round and round in circles, it is no wonder that a re so stressed!

then when your body realizes has very little sugar in the blood (without nicotine to block insulin-releasing sugar stores) have pain and desire because your body needs sugar – becomes stressed. Then you have a cigarette to relieve that stress. Then after 45 minutes more or less the process all begins again! It is only in a large circle of destructive and pointless.

say that smoking reduces stress, when in reality – the stress is caused by the last cigarette – when nicotine and chemical substances enter the body put them under enormous pressure. So when nicotine leaves your body becomes in stressed – because there is no nicotine that release sugar into the blood.

tobacco increases the stress and then soothes it (artificially by playing with your levels of blood sugar) when you smoke. So smoking is basically as you hit on the head with a hammer because it feels really good when you stop in!

is one of the main reasons why people say that they can’t or don’t let smoking – feel that they would be giving up a very effective stress management technique. But once you stop smoking for a short period of time, it will be calmer, even under stress, than when you were a smoker.

other myths of smoking is that ‘cure boredom’. This argument is so absurd that it does not deserve much attention. Yes, some people believe that it cures boredom, but also makes him banging his head against a wall and stabbing himself with a fork. That does not mean that it is well good for health, effective, productive or a proper way to deal with the situation.

again if you are dependent on cigarettes to cure boredom, all you do is saying-‘ I’m not good enough to deal with this situation on my own. My cigarettes will take care of it.’

If you smoke out of boredom, you need to pay special attention to the changes of habits so that you have enough new methods to keep you entertained.

smoking as a stress relief mechanism is only an excuse. Many smokers know this but continue to lie to themselves because it prevents them from admitting that you can not quit smoking.

find new ways to cope with stress is essential if you are going to make quitting attempt a success.

my complete step by step guide to quitting explains how to beat the stress of everyday life when you stop smoking and teaches you to break all its associations to smoke, so you can become smoke free in 3-4 weeks.